9 Digital Assistant Niches That Pay $20/Hr or Extra

If you are a well organized person looking for a way to make money from home, you may want to become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are widely used to perform administrative work for a company as many companies have found that outsourcing administrative tasks to independent contractors can save operational costs (not to mention time).

On average, a virtual assistant can make around $ 18 an hour doing work that includes customer support, bookkeeping, and managing email, social media, website, and e-commerce storefront management.

However, some virtual assistants can do even more. Making Sense of Cents profiled a virtual assistant who said she made about $ 10,000 a month. Her secret: in-demand skills that enable her to work in more lucrative virtual assistant niches.

Unlike generalized virtual assistants, a virtual assistant niche means that you offer a more detailed service that requires in-depth knowledge – and that you can ask for more. If you are a graphic design professional or a web design guru, you can offer these services and ask for more money for them.

9 Virtual Assistant Niches In Demand (Plus What You Can Earn)

Not sure what niches are out there? Check out this list of virtual assistant niches and see if any of them fit your skills and abilities.

1. Virtual administration assistant

Repetitive administrative tasks can be time consuming for business owners. A virtual administrative assistant, which is also known as virtual office support, is ideal here.

These VAs handle tasks such as customer care, calendar management, billing and bookkeeping, making and receiving phone calls, managing emails, coordinating travel, and lead management.

Payment: Depending on the size and complexity of the project, between $ 20 and $ 40 per hour

2. Transcription

Can you type quickly, listen well, do research, and write and speak well? In this case, you can offer transcription services as a VA.

A transcriptionist specializes in converting audio to text. You can choose between general transcription, medical transcription, and real-time transcription.

This guide will help you get started as a transcriptionist.

Payment: $ 25 + one hour

3. Virtual graphic design assistant

A virtual graphic design assistant helps companies create logos, business cards, website images, social media graphics, infographics, flyers, brochures, image editing, animation, book covers, e-books and print design.

This is how you can start a career as a graphic designer.

Pay: Average of $ 45 per hour

4. Virtual Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital marketing is dynamic and new trends pop up every day. And with most businesses these days using the internet to generate leads and sales, a digital marketing savvy VA is in great demand to stay on trend.

The responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist include blog management and marketing via email, search engines, and social media.

Pay: Average of $ 23 per hour

5. Technical virtual assistant

A virtual technical assistant focuses more on the technical parts of the business. This can include tasks like updating WordPress, email automation, content planning, and SEO. If you have the skills, you can even offer video editing.

This post provides more information on the types of services Technical VAs can provide to small businesses.

6. Virtual assistant for customer care

A customer care / virtual support assistant helps a company increase customer satisfaction by responding to customer emails, phone calls, customer reviews, live chat messages, and outbound calls. This niche requires critical thinking and excellent communication skills.

Payment: Approximately $ 25 per hour

7. Travel Virtual Assistant

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Executives have their hands full, so sitting down and making travel reservations can be problematic for them. As a virtual travel assistant, you can offer this service and earn a reasonable amount of money at the same time. (Being a travel VA can be very lucrative.)

The duties of a travel VA are likely to include researching travel destinations, planning travel routes, booking flights, researching discounts and travel deals, booking accommodations, and planning excursions.

Pay: Average of $ 24 per hour

8. Virtual assistant for language translation

If you are bilingual, you can offer language translation as a virtual assistant. You will likely be translating documents or transcripts from one language to another to help companies reach more customers in different languages.

Pay: Average of $ 38 per hour.

9. Virtual accountant

Are you an accountant by profession, are you a math fanatic and have computer skills? As a virtual assistant, you can provide accounting services to companies and keep clean books.

Here's what you need to know in order to start your own virtual accounting business.

Pay: Up to $ 60 an hour

The benefits of working as a virtual assistant

Some of the potential benefits of working as a virtual assistant include:

  • Work from home (or anywhere) – meaning you don't have to commute!
  • Flexible working hours, especially for parents who stay at home.
  • Takes little capital although you will need to purchase a few tools such as a laptop and software.
  • You can choose your customers, the services you offer and your tariff.

First steps as a virtual assistant

You don't need a lot of experience to start out as a virtual assistant. However, you will need excellent organizational skills, time management, quick typing, and critical thinking. You also need to understand how to use the tools commonly used by VAs in your particular niche.

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